In fact, career selection has relationship with aptitude tests since the test reveal particular things affiliated to the career. In details, there are some types of career aptitude tests generally use to determine the best career for you which suits your interests and skills. Of course the tests can be very helpful especially for people who need to get the best careers that match their interests.

Speaking of career aptitude tests, these tests contain of questions regarding interests, interaction with people and working styles. The determination is based on skills and capabilities, also depends on the strength you have that may define the possible careers suitable for you. Commonly, these career aptitude tests can be very helpful way for students who choose a career or help someone who is considering a career change.

The first part in this career discussion is related to the Live Career. Live Career provides a number of career tests including the aptitude tests and career interest tests. Usually, the company offers services about career development for people who are looking for a career change or finding a career that matches their personality. Moreover, these tests as well become a useful way to help you determine whenever training or education is needed. In general, the company will test your knowledge about organizational ability, emotional development, communication skills, and mental alertness.

The second type of career aptitude is Analyze My Career. It provides tests which are given to define personality, skills, aptitude abilities, and occupational interests. The tests also include some aptitude tests that are helpful for you to determine the suitable career based on your interests and knowledge. The tests given cover mechanical reasoning, abstract reasoning, spatial relations, language usage, spelling, verbal reasoning and numerical ability. After the tests are finished, the results are immediately provided as well as the career recommendations.

The last type is Career Path. This Career Path included Career Planners that provide you a free career aptitude test that is given based on the RIASEC coding system created by Dr. John Holland. Specifically, RIASEC stands for realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. The visible difference seen here when it is compared to the previous parts is that the test doesn’t use force choice testing and you are free to skip questions. More importantly, the test result is not only help you to determine the good career that suits you but also the career types you should avoid.

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