Reaching success and holding it is more likely to be hard to do and also takes so much time. Otherwise, destroying the career which is built in long time could be destroyed easily, at one time. That is why employees should be always careful running in the career they deal with. Never ever let a small mistake destroy the entire career you have built since very long time ago.

There are three things that could destroy your career at a glance. You should make sure that you never do them all. 

1. Resign without any Notification 

Be careful when you resign from a job without any notification because it could burn your career bridge. It does not look so important. But you better give any notification to the company at least two weeks before resigning.  

The step you do, by notifying the company party will give positive effect to your career. Remember, keeping the relationship between you and your boss as well as your partners is such an important thing in enhancing your career. 

2.  Sending An Evil-Sound Email

Responding bad things in the office should not be done too excessive, moreover by sending an angry email that contains invective. Such an action will be easily destroying your career. Make sure you keep thinking clearly and not easily judge people as bad person. 

Sometimes, it is better to speak directly to those who have a problem with you. Being defensive is allowed but you need to have a good strategy. 

3. Rejecting any Change on You

Somebody who will reach their golden peak of their career should be brave to renovate and also not reject any change. Open minded could affect your career in positive way. Vice versa, narrow mined will make you harder to absorb any new ideas and perspective significantly so that you will be later than your partners in the office. 

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