For you, an employee, just watch out because your routine schedule to get salary every month, a bonus every year could lead your bad habit in financial management. It is because the salary and bonus within a certain period and amount is relatively stable. It makes you complacent and finally you are negligent to keep your finance on the right line.

Indeed, it is hard to avoid that the way an employee think will always think if there is the next salary they can use, when they need to decide something related to financial matter. However, by recognizing  the bad habits often done by an employee, it is expected that you can wake from your long sleep in enjoying your employee’s salary along this time and that you can take the right decision to stop these negligence. 

Never Prepare Retirement 

You must agree that most employees rely on the company where they work in to handle their retirement. But you should know that your salary which is taken from your monthly salary will result not much money at the end. It could be dangerous if you are a woman whereas women will be retired sooner, faster than men. Moreover, most women rely on their husband’s retirement fund. So, is your retirement fund enough? 

Consider a Credit Card as Extra Money

When an employee wants a certain new thing and they have no money, then they will use the credit card to buy it. They will think that they must have the money next month. But honest, most employee will not keep their mind. They will spend the money for anything else forgets the debt.  

Hang Out Too Much

They may consider hanging out for network building. But is it true? The fact is not. You can count how many deals you get from the hang out and whether it will increase your money. Vice versa, you just have fun and spend more money it. 

Lose their Outcome Path

Just try to recount your outcome within a day, your transportation fee, parking fee, breakfast, drinking coffee, lunch, break time, snacks and so forth. You must be shocking with the amount since you cannot count exactly as you spent.

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