Fall Protection Training Can Save Lives

When it comes to the construction industry, potential dangers are lurking everywhere. Workers are using heavy equipment, materials of considerable size, and often have to deal with dizzying heights. It's no wonder that falls are one of the greatest hazards and a leading cause of death at the work site. In order to protect your employees, ewp training is available to provide your workers with essential knowledge that can protect them from falls. When your workers are prepared, there is a much better chance that they will be safe while on the job.

A Protected Crew is a Productive Crew

Give your workers vital training that can save lives. You will find that your team is much more productive as well when you reduce the risk of serious injuries. Training is available that combines classroom instruction and hands-on experience. Your work crew will learn how to use fall protection equipment. They will also discover how to inspect their equipment for any problems. Proper anchorage is important as well. Employees will also be taught the skills for rescue efforts in the event that a fall occurs. A written examination will be given at the end of training. In addition, a practical exam will be used as an evaluation to ensure your staff can actually put their training into practice. Your employees will also be brought up to date on the latest regulations to ensure everyone is in compliance. With a safe crew on the job, you will have peace of mind.

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