As an employer, it is very imperative to point out your employees’ motivation to work. They are actually one of the keys for reaching success. So, keeping the motivation is important to do. When the motivation of the employees is getting lower, you need to take some steps in order to strengthen the motivation again.

When the motivation of the employees is lower, it is ensured that the company will not run well. Vice versa, the motivation can be kept well when the development of the company is running well. However, until now, there are many employers who do not care much about this matter. So, no wonder then if so many resigns given by the employees.

In order to hold the motivations of your workers, just pay attention to these 5 factors that weaken the motivation of your employees. And make sure you avoid them so your employees will still keep motivated to work. Check these out.

Un-healthy Competition

First, creating such competition among your employees in order to choose one of them to be promoted and the others are still on the same position. Some employers might think that it is a good strategy to measure the team working capability of your employees. Actually, it in fact, can weaken or even get rid of their motivation to work especially those who do not get promoted.


Second, the leader does not even care with their dreams, goals and even satisfaction. If a leader has no any attention to what can motivate his or her workers, and has no idea about how to make they love their jobs and succeed with it, it is very possible to get his workers losing their motivation to work more and harder. Instead, their motivation is getting lower even disappeared.

Count on Only One Hand

Third, only hope to one employee. This condition must be often found around you. There are many employers who give all business matters to only one person as his second hand. It is actually not right because someday when you lose this employee, then your company will be very affected. So, try to develop your employees’ capability and prepare them to occupy some important position on your company as their capability.

Less entrust

Fourth, less entrust to the employees. On many cases, the corporate leaders often assume that what they want to reach as the goal for the company are not understood by the employees yet. Then most corporate leaders do not help their employees to understand how to be an expert in working and even not promote them into the better position yet.

Wrong Rewards Consideration

Fifth, mostly, the rewards are only given to the good at talking employees. People who are good at talking tend to be more prominent in front of their leader. Of course they are the ones who get their bosses’ attention. Consequently, they get more rewards than the others. As a matter of fact, there are also many high quality employees but no much talking. Actually they also deserve to get rewards too. Even sometimes, they are much better than the talkative ones.  So, instead of giving to the wrong person, it is better to consider the employees who reach the target who will get the rewards.