After successful in final interview stage, the next level is negotiating salary. It is a challenge that has a big role for your career. Commonly, a company has a standard salary in range. When negotiating, there are some information you need to know such as the highest range, the other facilities like health insurance, salary increase period, review after trial period, bonus and so forth.

It is very important to know first the range of the salary might be offered. You can find it out from the colleague who have ever worked there or the other similar or typical companies. You might also use internet to get some information about that. By knowing the range of the salary, you can be much easier to negotiate yours. It is much better than give the decision in to the company party.

When in the middle of interview, it is not suggested to directly refuse the offer that is far from your standard. Just say thanks for the offer and you can ask whether there is other benefit s you will get. If you want to consider it, you can ask time to think 1 or 2 days before rejecting. But if you are sure to reject it, just say thanks and avoid any lost contact at all.