Once you graduate from your study it means that you enter the next level of life, looking for job. Having a job is important in order to have earnings. It might be little bit hard if you have no experience in working. But it doesn’t mean that you can do nothing. There are many things you need to prepare in order to make your own ready to welcome your first job.

Prepare the Curriculum Vitae

One thing that you need to prepare to seek a job is CV. Make sure you have created yours so you can apply to a company you want. Arrange your CV in order from the latest to the beginning related to your education history, basic data and also informal education you might have. Just give the real data. Never ever try to lie.

Prepare Your Knowledge about the Company You Target

Before coming to the company you want to apply, make sure you know about the company. It is important to give good impression at first meet. You also need a reason why you choose the company to apply. Do not too much. Just say anything good fairly.

Prepare Your Knowledge about the Position You Want

Arm yourself about the position you target. Never ever be blind with the job you want to get. You should know what your task is if you get the job. And make sure your education meet to the position or at least not too far from your capability.

Prepare Your Physical Condition When Hunting a Job

It is no wonder if seeking job need so much energy to do. You need to keep your body stay healthy in order to give the best effort in the time you need to show yourself off. Many people avoid this simple stuff that make them failed.