Based on some research, many workers often overestimate their tasks and lie about their capability and habits. The other lies many works do are related their resign date on the previous company they worked, their education and even their job title. 

Because of those condition, HRD attempt to detect such lies when they need to find the best candidate to recruit. So, to avoid getting trap before getting recruited, make sure you know these some ways HRD will apply to find any unusual things from a worker candidate. 

Check Standard Performance

HRD will try to find the background of the prospective workers out started from the working history, the location where they live and the date when they go work and so forth.

Hiring managers also hunt out any gaffe between what written on your CV and their findings during checking. 

Pay Attention to Unreasonable Things

The time period on the job experience, the unwillingness to explain the reason why resigned from the previous office, the time period between work and jobless are some matters that will increase the awareness of hiring managers. 

Use Social Media Website

The profile on the social media can contain common information that helps a company to verify some information about a job seeker. The information is such as the history of the candidate and the year graduation.

Capability Test

When meeting face to face, hiring managers or any other recruiting party will interview some candidates and try to use some words related to any capability needed in the job. Commonly it will relate to technical matters.

To confirm, the recruiting party will try to ask specific and technical stuffs related to capability that the candidate claim to being. 

Willing to Hear Any Explanation

Misunderstanding is possible to happen. When company party or hiring manager saw any gaffe, they might give the candidate a chance to explain. If it happens, just be ready to give the best answer for any mistake on your application or your past. 


Facing the difficulty of hiring the best candidate makes hiring managers trust their intuition and experience. When they fill not match to the candidate, they will release them. 

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