Networking is extremely important both for business and personal lives and those who take advantage of all of their networking opportunities will begin to see the benefits very quickly. Networking is simply the ability to get to know people and to connect with people to exchange knowledge and favors. Networking is beneficial for everyone and in some industries such as real estate or financial services it may be absolutely critical.

How Networking Helps With Employers
Many analysts believe that only a small percentage of jobs in any industry are actually marketed to the public. This means that most jobs can''t even be discovered without adequately networking. Most people get work through contacts and these connections can be made through school, work or even the coffee shop. Employment searches are made far easier with adequate networking and sometimes networking may even be required to even find a position in some industries. Academic circles in particular tend to require a lot of networking to make positive career steps.

How Networking Helps With Clients
Many industries require active networking in order to secure clients and even clients that don''t often require networking can still benefit from them. Real estate professionals in particular tend to require the use of networking to find them their clients and to secure a position in the best companies. Even those in the industry of accounting or insurance may want to network appropriately to both secure new clients and learn about new opportunities in the industry. 

How Networking Helps With Coworkers
Networking can also help build up a positive reputation and relationship with colleagues. Networking appropriately will build a trust circle of people who know each other, trust each other and can do favors for one another. Coworkers and colleagues can forward each other clients when they can''t take on more clients or when the client wants a service they don''t offer themselves. They can also forward job openings to each other that are in their company. When a colleague brings a friend in for an interview it is usually far more beneficial than going into an interview cold because the company will already have a sense of who the applicant is and what they can bring to the company.

Networking is extremely important for all career pursuits and can be very beneficial to almost everyone. Networking doesn''t just help in a person''s professional life but it can also be beneficial in a person''s personal life by building up their social network and allowing them to trade in social currency.

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