Don't worry if you haven't exactly found your path in life. Millions of people - young and old - are in the same boat. If you find yourself interested in the way things work and run, it might be time to look into engineering. With 5 branches of engineering, all including their own sub-disciplines, your options are not limited when it comes to this field.

Doing your research will help you to decide what fits your personality best. Here I have compiled a list of why a degree in engineering is a good idea. This goes for students entering the world of college and adults dreaming of a new career.


Money, of course is at the top of the list as it is important to most people. No, it''s not everything, but financial security does make things a little bit brighter. Engineering is one of the top paying careers in the world. If you want to base a career on financial gain, well, engineering may be a good fit.


According to CNN Money, 558,000 people a month are opening their own business. In today''s society being your own boss is a big draw to any career path. A degree in engineering provides you with the proper tools to open your own business successfully. Your degree will expose you to finance and marketing which are key parts to any thriving business. Having the technical knowledge that comes with this field is beneficial to the startup of any business venture, as everything we do today is technology based.


Engineering will aid you in discovering how life works, or at least teach you how things keep life moving forward work. Depending on the field of engineering you are in you could deal with things like alternative energy sources, world hunger, nuclear reactors or electric cars. This field will keep you a step ahead of the rest of society, as you will be involved in the discovery process.


Doctors and lawyers aren''t the only professionals that are looked at as higher class or prestigious. Engineers fit the mold just right. You will be proud to share your profession, as will those who are closest to you. Think about how much your mom will brag about your degree in engineering. To put it simply, the job title alone makes you look good.


One of the biggest reasons adults go back to school is for more money. Another key factor in midlife career change is boredom. No one likes to be bored 40 hours a week. With a degree in engineering, a lifelong tinkerer might just find the challenge they need to conquer boredom. In this field - as I stated before - you will be in constant discovery of new things. Your days will never be the same, or at least one year won''t be the same as the next as advances are constantly being made which force you to adapt as you go.

If you are currently an engineer or planning on being one, job placement can be one of the things that set you back. It is a pretty competitive market, but there are plenty of jobs available. Most colleges offer excellent engineering recruiters that are always there to assist with job placement. Just give them a call.

If you are still unsure if this is the path for you, look into the different sub disciplines available in engineering. If you brain works in a creative way, and science is interesting to you. It is unlikely you will regret your decision to work toward a degree in engineering. This is a career designed for those that love to tinker, or that have a fascination with how things work. If this is you, engineering could very well be the career path for you.

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