When you are newly hired into a job your focus is usually on learning your way around, learning how to do your job well and making the best impression on your coworkers (and superiors) possible. You probably aren’t thinking about that first raise or when you can expect to see it hit your paycheck. But what if you could ensure that your first raise would happen within six months of starting this job? Here is how to make that happen.

1. Look for Ways to Help Your Company

If you see an area in which things could be improved or streamlined, speak up. Your employer is always trying to find ways to smooth operations and save money. If you can help that happen, your employer might take the money you have helped him save and apply it to your salary. Most of the time this streamlining is going to happen in the software arena, like introducing them to contract management by Contract Logix instead of the stock Access database they’re currently using.

2. First In, Last Out

Okay, being the first in and the last out every day is a little extreme. Showing up early and leaving late, however—that will help you get noticed. You don’t have to do this every day but showing up 30 to 45 minutes early one day and leaving 30-45 minutes late another is something that will catch the eye of your superiors. You’ll win even more points if these early and late days coincide with the starting and wrapping up of projects.

3. Prove Yourself

Obviously you need to prove that you are worth the investment that the company is already putting in to you (your current paycheck). If you want to see that investment increase, however, you need to not just meet peoples’ expectations, you need to exceed them. Going above and beyond to keep things running smoothly will definitely help you get noticed.

4. Keep Your Life At Home

Work is for work. Coming in to the work place and dragging all of your personal issues along with you is not kosher no matter what your pay scale. Leave the personal issues and problems at the door. It’s okay to tell people you had a rough morning, but you don’t need to regale them with the details of the fight you mediated between your roommates at 2AM. Think of work as a respite from whatever is going on for you personally. And, in turn, leave your work life at work. You don’t want rumors to start spreading about your company because you vented about your boss at a pub and someone overheard and then repeated what you said, do you?

5. Ask For It

Don’t forget about the most direct method for increasing your pay: simply asking for the raise you want. The worst that will happen is that your employer says no. Even if he does, you can use that as an opportunity to pick your boss’s brain about what he would like to see from you to make that raise possible in the future.

These are just a few of the ways that you can help yourself stand out as a new hire and not just cement your future within the company but help yourself earn a raise and maybe even a promotion as well.

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