Accounting is, without any doubt, a growing field. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps a close eye on the growth potential for a wide variety of professions nationwide. The field of accounting, according to the Bureau’s 2012-2013 Occupational Outlook Handbook, is expected to grow a whopping 16 percent by the year 2020, even while many other industries remain stagnant or have begun to shrink. The simple truth is that numbers matter and they matter a lot. Individuals with a strong aptitude and interest in mathematics will always be in high demand.

If this describes you, then the field of accounting can be likened to a wide open playing field where you can write your own ticket with proper application of hard work and the right educational credentials, such as earning your accounting mba, even as you garner valuable work experience in the field of accounting. If you are on the fence about where to take your aptitude for numbers and mathematics, then consider these three reasons to why an accounting career could be your yellow brick road.

Accounting is a Field Full of Possibilities

The first reason to contemplate an accounting career is that gaining a basic foundational understanding of accounting principles and job experience in the field can take you in many exciting directions over the course of your career. Since accounting professionals, and especially those who have made the extra investment of time and money towards earning an advanced accounting degree, are needed in every area of society, career growth can be found in virtually any field you are interested in. If you want to work in the nonprofit sector, your talent and skill with numbers will always be needed by charitable organizations large and small.

If you are interested in the field of finance and investing, accounting is the backbone of every financial organization the world over. If you have an interest in starting your own business, whether it be through earning your CPA (certified public accountant) license and setting up shop to do people’s taxes or becoming an accounting consultant for business owners, an accounting degree can take you there. Because you have so many options, it can be helpful on the front end to spend some time considering your ultimate career goals, as this pre-planning will help you target what kind of advanced education, training and licensure you may need to succeed in your chosen area of the accounting field.

Accounting Salaries Can Reach Six Figures

The next logical reason to consider a career in accounting is that you are virtually guaranteed to enjoy a good quality of life, especially if you have a mba accounting online or otherwise. The median salary range for full-time accounting professionals stateside as of 2010 averaged just over $60,000 per year and the income earning potential for accounting professionals charts up well into the six-figure range, depending on which sector of the workforce you plan to enter.

Once you have earned an advanced degree and you hold your CPA licensure, your income earning potential increases accordingly, making the investment in extra training and education an attractive and worthwhile option. Again it is important to consider here that, unlike with many other non-mathematically oriented professions, when you work with money, you can expect to earn good money as well. Accounting is a stable, lucrative and growing field with plenty of chances for personal innovation and long-term career growth. With the only prerequisites being an aptitude for and interest in numbers and the appropriate education and training, accounting is also an easy field to enter into and excel at.

Accounting Offers Lots of Opportunities for Growth

Finally, the third of these three incentives to consider an accounting career is that it is easy to predict your career growth and income earning potential before you have even entered the field. Accounting is a well-documented and closely followed field and there are ample resources both online and offline to help you plan for a successful career. Because of the popularity of the accounting major, it is incredibly easy to enroll in a great online accounting mba program that you can complete from the comfort of home in your private time, increasing your salary potential with an investment of just a couple extra years of study.

Also, in just a few clicks of your mouse button, you can gain access to all sorts of helpful articles, research statistics and analyses online that help you direct your career path, find mentors, apply for jobs, obtain additional training and certifications, network with colleagues and even start your own accounting business, if that is where your career aspirations are leading you.

This article was written by Cathy Markachan. Cathy loves being an accountant for the three reasons she’s listed here and then some. She is also a forthright proponent of improving mathematics-oriented education in our public school system and encourages any person seeking postsecondary options to take some time and think over related professions.

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