It is very easy for an accident at work to happen – in some cases this is because of the relatively dangerous nature of the job that a person is doing – but in other cases this is not the case. It is simply that there are a large number of potential accidents that can occur as a result of human error or negligence on someone’s part – accounting for the number of compensation cases brought against individuals or businesses for accidents in the workplace. As companies have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their employees, it is useful to know some of the major accident types that can occur in the workplace.

Trips and slips

This is perhaps the most common type of workplace accident – and one that is fairly common in life generally. Indeed figures suggest that trips and slips account for around a third of all workplace accidents. The problem for businesses arises if such an accident is the result of negligence – i.e. if floors are unsafe, or not properly labelled when slippery; if wires and cables are trailing into walking areas; or if there are not enough handrails or poor lighting. Any of these factors can potentially result in a compensation suit.

Heavy lifting or handling

Again this accounts for a significant number of the persona injury in the workplace compensation claims that are made in the UK. Injury can result from workers being required to lift, pull, push or carry heavy loads for too great a distance with insufficient support. In order to avoid negligence action, employers should ensure that strenuous labour of this kind is kept to a minimum; that workers who do need to undertake such tasks are instructed in the correct methods for lifting and carrying heavy loads and that they are provided with decent breaks, to rest.

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