Your growing business needs more employees every year or so. Not only because of the expanding business, new employees are needed to take the position of retired employees. But it is not an easy task to have the right employees to sit on particular position, your new employees should be able to meet the company’s visions and missions as well as the fixed requirements.

To prevent from recruiting the employees without fixed requirements agreed by the company, you needs some tricks. Here are the tricks you may need in order to recruit the potential and dedicated employees without breaking what have been regulated by the company.

As initial step, you should advertise the job vacancy on some mass media. Its purpose is to get the right applicants who meet company’s vision and mission. Through advertisement, you will receive more applicants from whom you will be able to narrow them down and find the most suitable person for particular position. Today, opening job vacancies through internet is also an effective way to get the best candidate.

You have to remember some important points when advertising the job vacancy like the limit of time for the application letter to be sent, maybe two weeks are enough for your future employees to prepare their application letter. Actually, you can start building cooperation with some universities that can provide you with talented students to be your employees when they graduate.

Further step, from the application letter your company has received, you can start reading and studying the letter and the curriculum vitae. From here, the work experience and the ability of the applicant can be identified. The more experienced applicant will be able to perform better jobs.

But you must notice, the length of working time of certain applicant in particular job is the one you have to pay attention to, if the applicant changed one job to another one very frequently and the working period is short, this is not a reliable employee your company needs.