Benjamin Franklin said only two things in life are certain: Death and taxes. Trained tax professionals will always be in demand so long as the government continues to levy taxes against its citizens. Also, trained individuals tend to find high paying jobs early on that offer plenty of growth and travel opportunities for years to come. Mark Weinberger, Chief Financial Officer of Ernst & Young, is a prime example of tax professionals working across a broad spectrum of industries. We'll explore his career and other potential jobs in the tax industry.

Case Study: Mark Weinberger, CFO, Ernst & Young

Although he's CEO today, Mark Weinberger began his career in the tax industry as an entry-level employee at Ernst & Young in 1987. His focus shifted to the public sector when Senator John C. Danforth (R-Missouri) hired him for Tax Counsel in 1990. Four years later, Mark became Chief of Staff for the Entitlement and Tax Reform Committee and a member of the Social Security Advisory Board. He turned to the private sector by co-founding Washington Counsel, P.C., in 1996, which later merged with EY in 2000. In 2001, he went public again and became Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Tax Policy. However, he stepped down from that position and returned to EY in 2002, where he remains today as CEO Mark Weinburger after the retirement of former head Jim Turley in July 2013.

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Finding jobs online is certainly becoming popular as more and more jobseekers look out for jobs. While some of the survey reveal that still many people search for jobs offline but the trend of searching jobs on the internet has been growing as people want to look out for options that can allow them to find more jobs in short time. Here we take a quick look at some of the benefits that jobseekers can make use of when they are looking for jobs online.

The best advantage that jobseekers have when they are searching jobs on the internet is that can search for more jobs in less time. Many jobseekers are desperately looking for opportunities and it could be that some jobs are not printed in print media like newspaper so jobseekers always have the advantage to find better jobs through the internet. Many employers prefer to post their job vacancies on internet sites so that makes it easier for jobseekers to find the right kind of jobs that they need.

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Whatever your area may possibly be, finding a suitable work takes plenty of time and efforts. For folks that are in health-related industry and are searching for any task opportunity, nurse staffing agencies are definitely an option to contemplate. In some hospitals and medical centers there exists a substantial shortage of nurses and assistants. Inadequate health care staff frequently outcomes in bad support for these hospitals. The need to have in the hour may be the aids of an agency that may assist hospitals uncover capable staff.

Considering the diverse needs, nurse staffing agencies seems to be essentially the most suitable selection. A nurse staffing agency is actually a business that supplies nurses and wellness care assistants to people in want of solutions of health care professionals using a nurse staffing solutions. In easy words what they do is strive to provide support on the nurses and help them in constructing a steady career.

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Corporate globalization has led to immense development while in the global trade, which has more resulted in increasing demand of legal translations. Each and every firm, whether large or little, has some legal documents, which need for being accurately translated into some other languages, so that their foreign clientele can very easily comprehend the message in the papers. Nonetheless, that is a complicated occupation, the place even a handful of small errors can result in possible lawsuits or legal publicity, which would most likely eat a wonderful deal of cash and time. This is in which skilled companies for legal translations come in to the picture. These companies hold great significance because of a variety of factors.

The translation companies translate a wide selection of legal paperwork, such as patents, contracts, trademark applications, copyright registrations, tax returns, litigation translation, affidavits, trusts, wills, statutes, tenders etc. Moreover, these agencies also deal with the translation of documents, such as witness statements, depositions and immigration paperwork. Legal translations involve extremely specialized terminology and complicated subject matters. Usually, the main subject involved in legal paperwork is incredibly delicate, with a great deal of money at stake. Therefore, it is essential to consign the work of translation to a person who has the specialization in efficiently managing all varieties of legal documents.

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