As an employer, it is very imperative to point out your employees’ motivation to work. They are actually one of the keys for reaching success. So, keeping the motivation is important to do. When the motivation of the employees is getting lower, you need to take some steps in order to strengthen the motivation again.

When the motivation of the employees is lower, it is ensured that the company will not run well. Vice versa, the motivation can be kept well when the development of the company is running well. However, until now, there are many employers who do not care much about this matter. So, no wonder then if so many resigns given by the employees.

In order to hold the motivations of your workers, just pay attention to these 5 factors that weaken the motivation of your employees. And make sure you avoid them so your employees will still keep motivated to work. Check these out.

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After successful in final interview stage, the next level is negotiating salary. It is a challenge that has a big role for your career. Commonly, a company has a standard salary in range. When negotiating, there are some information you need to know such as the highest range, the other facilities like health insurance, salary increase period, review after trial period, bonus and so forth.

It is very important to know first the range of the salary might be offered. You can find it out from the colleague who have ever worked there or the other similar or typical companies. You might also use internet to get some information about that. By knowing the range of the salary, you can be much easier to negotiate yours. It is much better than give the decision in to the company party.

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Once you graduate from your study it means that you enter the next level of life, looking for job. Having a job is important in order to have earnings. It might be little bit hard if you have no experience in working. But it doesn’t mean that you can do nothing. There are many things you need to prepare in order to make your own ready to welcome your first job.

Prepare the Curriculum Vitae

One thing that you need to prepare to seek a job is CV. Make sure you have created yours so you can apply to a company you want. Arrange your CV in order from the latest to the beginning related to your education history, basic data and also informal education you might have. Just give the real data. Never ever try to lie.

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Based on some research, many workers often overestimate their tasks and lie about their capability and habits. The other lies many works do are related their resign date on the previous company they worked, their education and even their job title. 

Because of those condition, HRD attempt to detect such lies when they need to find the best candidate to recruit. So, to avoid getting trap before getting recruited, make sure you know these some ways HRD will apply to find any unusual things from a worker candidate. 

Check Standard Performance

HRD will try to find the background of the prospective workers out started from the working history, the location where they live and the date when they go work and so forth.

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