Job SeekerApplying a job vacancy should be not an easy problem considering the competition among job applicants getting harder. That is why you need to know how to be a job applicant who could interest the HRD manager.

Pleasing the employer means opening the chance to be accepted as an employee on the job you want. In the interview section, it turns out that there are managers who value the prospect of a candidate based on the aspiration as well as willpower of the applicants.

The problem is that most applicants, instead, feel nervous in front of the manager that lessens the prospect to be accepted on the position. These are 5 things you need to do to get the intention of the HRD manager.

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Reaching success and holding it is more likely to be hard to do and also takes so much time. Otherwise, destroying the career which is built in long time could be destroyed easily, at one time. That is why employees should be always careful running in the career they deal with. Never ever let a small mistake destroy the entire career you have built since very long time ago.

There are three things that could destroy your career at a glance. You should make sure that you never do them all. 

1. Resign without any Notification 

Be careful when you resign from a job without any notification because it could burn your career bridge. It does not look so important. But you better give any notification to the company at least two weeks before resigning.  

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For you, an employee, just watch out because your routine schedule to get salary every month, a bonus every year could lead your bad habit in financial management. It is because the salary and bonus within a certain period and amount is relatively stable. It makes you complacent and finally you are negligent to keep your finance on the right line.

Indeed, it is hard to avoid that the way an employee think will always think if there is the next salary they can use, when they need to decide something related to financial matter. However, by recognizing  the bad habits often done by an employee, it is expected that you can wake from your long sleep in enjoying your employee’s salary along this time and that you can take the right decision to stop these negligence. 

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Fall Protection Training Can Save Lives

When it comes to the construction industry, potential dangers are lurking everywhere. Workers are using heavy equipment, materials of considerable size, and often have to deal with dizzying heights. It's no wonder that falls are one of the greatest hazards and a leading cause of death at the work site. In order to protect your employees, ewp training is available to provide your workers with essential knowledge that can protect them from falls. When your workers are prepared, there is a much better chance that they will be safe while on the job.

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