Good company is the one that can give good performance and there are many factors that influence its performance. One of those factors is employees. This is undeniably true that a company should employ good employees with adequate skills and experiences. Apparently, there is another point that is more important when a company is about to recruit employees which is checking the background employment of the potential employees.

The background employment check helps you to gather valuable information regarding the potential employees which is to find out his or her work habits, reliability, and work attitude and you can gain the details by verifying her or her past employers, neighbors, and supervisors. To simplify your task, you can go to a consumer reporting agency to help carrying out the pre employment screening process.

To work with employment screening service is one of good ways to choose since it allows you to know everything about the potential employee including the criminal records, driving records, credit records, and more. Although the expert will carry out the job for you, it is vital for you to learn the basic instructions of background screening.

Normally, the employment checks are started with Social Security Number verification from which you can get any information about the credit record or further identity. Then, use the references submitted by the applicants to obtain past works or employers by calling the people in the references. In fact, the details about applicants’ education history and schools records are as well necessary that should you make further verification. You can call the previous employers or school, but of course with the applicants’ permission.

Good employees are those who are truthful and competent because you wouldn’t allow the dishonest people to damage the good reputation of your company you have built. Therefore, another vital step should be taken to learn the value of the applicants is by verifying public records that include the information about bankruptcy, conviction or criminal records.

Besides the important details like identity checks, financial checks, criminal record history, address verification, and employment history verification, the clearance of the applicant’s right to work in particular country is also crucial because this will protect your company in the future in order that there might be any issue regarding the applicant’s citizenship or other issues alike.

Additionally, professional employment screening service provider now offers a range of online background screening services with the options of easy payment like pay-as-you-go basis, account, or bespoke services.

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