Sometimes there is a problem when you are forced to close since the bank will not give you loan anymore. Thus, the conclusion taken out from this situation is not the fact the companies don’t fail because of a lack of financial capital, but due to a lack of intellectual capital.

Basically, business is built up to fulfill customers’ satisfactory. Therefore, when everything runs well, consumers will be satisfied because what they needed are fulfilled, this way they will be very willing to pay. To keep the consumers for coming back for more to fulfill what they need, any business may spend an amount which is more than they have to spend to prepare the item for sale. However, the thing doesn’t always run that simple.

Surely, there are many factors that may influence the operation of particular business and this process will need the proper use of intellectual capital. On the other hand, the intellectual capital from one business to another can be varied significantly. Also, you should be aware that the intellectual capital being used will decide the percentage of success or failure of particular business.

A sales consultant may experience the situation that a great number of people who have stunning amount of intellectual capital not being challenged at all to contribute. On the contrary, some other who are coming with a phrase of ‘a few dollars short upstairs’ are able to decide what action they will take without any input.

There are some challenging questions for business professionals as well as CEOs they should be able to answer. The questions can be ‘What did you learn yesterday?’, ‘How did you apply today what you learned yesterday?’, ‘What do you expect to learn today?’, and ‘What will you need to change next year to stay ahead?’

Speaking of sales in business, you should know that everything is related to the attempt to fulfill people’s needs or entities, on the other hands, this people or entities are often not realizing what they exactly need. And the worse scenario is that they don’t even know the needs they may want tomorrow.

Someone who works as salesperson will need the knowledge about understanding people’s needs. Not only help them to learn what they need today but also what should be prepared for tomorrow. Speaking of intellectual capital, as a salesperson, you should realize about your own intellectual capital to help people by using their intellectual capital.