Running business seriously needs full concentration and good management. If you have a business to run, you might need to know that doing business can be so difficult if you don't realize the basic components in business. Generally, these components are connected between one and another so if one loses it may disturb the balance state of your business.

The first component will be your business management. Another name for this component is backend, which means the components behind the screen that hold the role of planning, managing, and running the business. It is often said that management is the spirit of certain company, it determines the consistency of certain company.

The second one is brand power or image. Most reputable brands control costumers' needs so you should understand about growing the emotional power of your company such as reflecting charisma. It will decide how costumers see your company.

The next one is also another significant components which is the product or service you sell. This component is called front end because it deals directly with the costumers in the market. Furthermore, if it is possible for you to establish cooperation with certain party that may help you in running the business, then you should do it right away. Truly, partner may offer you knowledge to run the business and keep it to exist.

Lastly, this is the most important element that will decide whether your business have future or not. Yes, costumers are the ones who hold the destiny of your business. That's why, by giving good service and qualified product your business will be in the safe level and it gives chances to develop in the future. Additionally, running business also need to concern about basic principles and standardization to support the business consistency. They are good planning, qualify & loyal & prosperous human resource, democrat & explicit & open manager, comfort & supportive work places, and the last one is the open spirit of learning. (fallen)