It is perfectly understandable that in an age of insurance for everything (public & employers’ liability, personal accident & sickness, health & safety), it can be tempting to leave professional indemnity insurance off the business’ shopping list. However, there are a couple of key reasons why you should seriously consider protection; firstly, to do business in the first place. Many potential customers/clients will not even consider offering your business a contract if you cannot provide evidence to show that you have professional indemnity insurance. Professional indemnity insurance not only protects your business and livelihood from financial ruin, but it also gives customers/clients peace of mind that if something were to go wrong in their dealings with you, they would be financially compensated for any loss.

The second and most important reason for getting professional indemnity insurance is that without it, you can pretty much say goodbye to your business and possibly your home in the event of a claim coming your way. Whether you actually did something wrong or whether you deny any wrongdoing, it will most likely cost you your business at least to prove your case and protect your reputation.

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Having insurance as the security to all kind of people possession is quite effective nowadays to make sure that they will not get loss anything whenever those possession get unexpected occasions that make those damaged, broken or even stolen. There are a dozens of insurance varieties regarding the possession covered. You may find variety of insurance to insure your vehicle such as auto insurance or even insure your beloved house with home insurance and many more.

Some of those varieties of insurance are the insurance services for insuring student possession which is also used to be called as Student Insurance. It consists of several insurance services for instance car insurance, contents insurance, mobile phone insurance as well as travel insurance. Each insurance service is needed to secure a particular possession related to it.

Car insurance is a kind of insurance which insure student cars used during their study on university. It is very good choice if you as student taking its insurance to make sure that your car will be insured whenever getting any unexpected events during your study which are possible occurred. Even more there are many cases whereas thieves often eye student vehicle to be stolen due to less vigilant of students. Moreover, students often get collision easily due to their lack of caution on the street.

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Credit cards can really be helpful especially in times of financial emergencies. You get to shop all you want and pay for all the things that you need instantly. But what hurts after is the huge amount of credit that you have to pay until you reach the point when you already loathe seeing your credit card bills in your mail. This will never be a problem if you still have the means of paying for your credit loans but once you experience loss of your regular income, then your credit card bills will certainly become a burden.

Cases as such sometimes lead to lawsuits as credit card companies will naturally want you to repay what you owe them and this can really be impossible if you are unemployed. But there is a way to help you get through all of these and that is by securing payment protection insurance. This is a kind of insurance that allows you to fulfill your credit obligations with ease and convenience.

What is payment protection insurance?

In most cases, payment protection insurance or PPI is offered to clients at their initial application for credit cards, loans, or mortgages by the lending companies themselves. This is so as they want to make sure that the money they will be lending will be returned to them in full and with interest and so, they encourage their clients to avail of this kind of insurance policy.

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When many individuals got finance in the ‘90s, they may happen to be offered a policy to protect their payments PPI if and when they were not able pay.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has ruled that lots of these polices have been in fact mis-sold, which means that you can make a PPI reclaim to acquire your money back.

But wait , how do you know for those who have a claim or not? In the event you still have a policy running, otherwise you were sold any form of PPI inside the previous six years and it''s run out, you can have grounds for a claim.

You may be in a position to claim more back than six years on a policy which has ended, however , you will be needing original paperwork as sellers are only obliged to maintain records for six years. Many purchasers don't know why these were offered the plan or the seller might have told you there is no option of having it should you wanted a loan. 

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