What if you face such a problem, suddenly your roof gets fallen because of rain fall whereas you have any budget to fix it. It is impossible if you ignore it. But, where can you get any money to accomplish this problem since you have no any budget for that? 

Such question must often cross on your mind when you are facing such an emergency situation. Then, you need to think about it at this time before it really happens to you. You need to have a real way to get fund when you get emergency circumstance.  There are some emergency fund sources you might count on.

Emergency fund saving

All financial planners often say about how important to have an emergency fund saving. The amount could vary. For this, you need to force yourself to spare some of your money, no matter how much it is. The most important matter is you have a certain target about the number you want to reach. Remembering for the sake of your goal will make you more enthusiastic to save your money including for this kind of saving.


Put your precious things in soak to get some more money. You can gage your jewellery or other precious things. However, what you need to remember is that a pawnshop is only for a short time fund. For longer term, you must pay much greater interest. No wonder because the high interest is such a compensation for you to get easiness in getting fresh fund. That is why having emergency fund or buying stabile and precious goods are important to do.

Social Insurance

As an employee, you must have a social insurance. You need to have it for incidental and emergency needs. By using your social insurance card, you are able to get any loan sooner. But, it is also burdening you a great interest too. So be careful with it.

Unsecured Loans

For a very emergency situation, you may consider unsecured loans for your help. But, to take this, you need to be careful. It is because you should give some of important documentations for the officer to get the loan. 

Credit Card

It is the most popular financial resource ever. It is definitely easy to get money as fast as you want. However, the compensation is that you need to pay the interest so much high since there is no security needed. In addition, regarding the interest you should pay, you will get the much bigger, even up to 3.5 % interest when you cannot pay the debt at once. So, it is the last option for you to get money for your emergency situation.

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