Get out of debt sounds so amazing regarding the messy economic condition nowadays. So, no wonder that it is so hard to meet people who get out of any debt in their life. However, nothing is impossible. Even little, there are still present people who are free from any debt. These are ten typical characteristics of such people.

Very Detail

They always pay attention closely to their financial condition, started from the income up to the outcome, what they spend the money for. Having debts mean you put your future in soak. A debt is such an instant pleasure in recent time that will sacrifice the future earnings.


They who get out of debt tend to be practical. Thanks to their practicality, they understand about value. The example, the main point of a car is such a transportation tool to bring you from one place to another place faster. Then, why should it be lux? The important for a car is it is large enough and able to cover the need also it is comfortable to people to sit inside.

Count on Their Own Self

Most people work hard for the sake of standing on their life. They really believe on their own self. Therefore, they try to live sufficiently. It is for saving money as many as possible for their future.

Not a Shopaholic

Most people love to spend their money by shopping but they have no enough money. It might not that worse like alcoholic, but shopaholics get somebody into debt addiction. It is hard for such a person to free from any debt.


They who get out of debt totally are very patient. They are not kind of compulsive buyers. When they find that their money is not enough to buy a certain thing they need, they will wait and save more money again.


They measure anything regarding what they have. In that way, they do not feel stress to spend their money to follow recent trend. They understand that life is not only about ownership and show wealthy.  They understand so much that a credit card is such a backsword. People who can control their money will not worry about a credit card. They, in fact, utilise the superiorities of a credit card for something more useful and beneficial for them. 

Believe in their Personal Responsibility

They, who responsible to their finance, never make any reason for their mistake. When they are getting fired, they know that they have to have emergency fund. If there is no emergency fund at all, they will blame their own selves, not anybody else.

Not Materialistic

It might sounds so stereotype, but people who are free from any debt know so well that money is not the source of being happy. They tend to live simple, and focus to family happiness instead of accumulating treasure. 

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