Students are facing significant problem because of the broken of school finance system like what is happening in California. In fact, the problem of this finance system has led into ugly consequences such as the loss of opportunity for many students in achieving educational program available in the state.

Currently, California Constitution is demanded a better situation for this state by providing a particular school finance system that is expected to support the educational program for students who are obliged to achieve. A wide community that expect the financial system realization by filing a lawsuit including 9 school districts, 60 students and parents, California School Boards Association, Association of California School Administrator and the California State PTA.

The problem appeared since there is a wide difference of expectation occurred between the schools and students, so California’s school finance system try to give solution for them in order to achieve the expectation. Therefore, it is reasonable that to provide the valuable opportunity for the success of educational program will need some vital aspects such as proficient and qualified teachers, adequate instructional materials and instructional time, educational technology, intervention programs, and required support service.

The actual problem regarding this educational program is the fact that California doesn’t put serious effort to determine the types of resources that is required in its plan to provide advanced educational program as well as determine the expense should be made in providing the educational resources needed.

Well, this is great learning that California doesn’t differentiate the students based on the needs such as those who are living in poverty or those who are English learners. They will be given equal opportunities when they are learning academic material.

Furthermore, California’s school finance system is unfortunately still using an old formula and policy that doesn’t incorporate between California’s educational programs or the needs of the students. Seriously, the funding policies issued are not going together with educational goals and the finance available is not used in very effective way by the district.

The lawsuit filed is delivered in very simple way which is only demanding the court to make announcement that the school finance system existing recently is unconstitutional. The parties also expect the Legislature to improve and implement a school finance system that supports and permits school districts to give the educational program has been promised to all students who are deserved proper education.

Basically, every student in California has the right to receive education and California Constitution follows up the request by promising to realize appropriate public school system. However, the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger stated that the recent educational system is broken. People feel that both governor and Legislature has put nothing as an effort to solve this problem.

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