It's difficult to imagine the days before consumers could pay for products or services either online or over the phone.

Millions upon millions of transactions take place daily largely because of the convenience of being able to purchase from the comfort of home or even while on the go. Consumers take for granted that their credit and debit card information is secure when they undertake a remote transaction.

On the whole it is although cases of theft related to plastic purchases hit the media routinely.

How secure an individual is depends on the system a company has in place. In turn, that company's reputation depends on the efficacy of the system.

International standards

Remote payment security operates within the framework of global criteria known as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This standard deals not only cardholder information for credit and debit cards but a range of other types of cyber payments as well, all aimed at preventing credit card fraud.

How strictly an organisation adheres to these standards is key for its commercial credibility.

Professional advice

To these ends, NCC Group offers a fully qualified security assessor service including PCI DDS which is tailored to each organisation's needs. Such security managements ties in with a large number of international standards which can impact significantly on a company's reputation.

An expert consultancy firm can identify where the weaknesses are within a firm's systems and address them in a manner which complies with these standards avoiding a crisis. It can also provide a route to PCI DSS requirements and both training and policy development in order to maintain the newly-defined system's consistency.

How it works

Specifically, a consultant will undertake a study which ensures that an organisation complies with PCI DDS standards efficiently and economically and provide a detailed analysis to refer to while the efficiency of the existing system is addressed.

Importantly, this process involves what is known as penetration testing and vulnerability scanning which assesses the security of key applications and networks involved in cyber payment.

An audit procedure will follow which is the final stage ahead of the necessary certification which ascertains adherence to the necessary security standards.

That means happy customers!

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