Saving in today's recessive market can be difficult, especially if you're burdened with a tight budget. There are many ways to start investing in your future, even on a fixed income. With some careful planning, you can meet your goals and melt away the stress of saving money for you and your family.

1. Create Goals: Start Small and See Results

By creating financial goals, you can put your monetary dreams on paper, which will help you realize they are achievable. However, it's important to set both short-term and long-term goals and start small. Saving a dollar here or there will add up faster than you think.

2. Mobile Apps: Keep a Watch on Your Finances on-the-Go

The hectic pace of life can make it hard to check your finances all the time. But new mobile apps can help you stay on budget even when you're away from your computer. Mint, Pageonce, and Easymoney are just a few of the apps that help you monitor your spending and saving; they even categorize where your hard-earned money is spent. That way, you can keep working towards your goals.

3. Cut out the Unnecessary: Planning out Your Day

Take a look at your typical day. What expenditures are actually unnecessary or frivolous? The Starbucks coffee you have every morning or eating out at lunch or dinner is really something you can cut from your spending. Think about it. Cutting out the Starbucks saves you $5 a day, which doesn't seem like much, but if you put it on a yearly basis, you save yourself approximately $1,800. Decide which purchases are wants, not needs.

4. Keep Your Family in Mind: Saving Now Provides Security

If you can manage to think about your spouse or kids, it can be a great way to save. Take into account what you and your wife want to do when you retire or your children's education. It works as a great motivator. By putting your kids through college or going on retirement vacations with your spouse, you gain a sense of achievement. And everyone likes that feeling.

5. Find the Bargains: Coupons Can Cut Costs

Although coupons can seem like a hassle, using them can save you a substantial amount of money. If you go grocery shopping, there is no harm in sifting through the paper or online to find coupons for things you need. This will save you quite a bit over time. Also, searching Craigslist or Goodwill for other necessities can save you money. What do you really need that's brand new? From clothes to decor to tools, most things with gentle use will work fine. Search around. The benefits are substantial

These are just a few ways to save money on a tight income. But always remember that if you set realistic goals and stick with them, that you can reach them. Keep a watchful eye on your finances now so you don't have to later. The sooner you save, the sooner you can enjoy your retirement.

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