Do you recall your teen years? Remember how you needed to support your social life, so you had to work? You didn''t want to work of course but it was necessary and was required to offset your spending. When the time comes for teens to find work, they have no experience at all and so it can be a tough task to get hired by someone. They can do what most teens do and bag groceries, mow lawns or they can umpire for games they love. Today, there are more options for teen and most require a good work ethic.

The teen years cover a range of maturity levels which can put those who are responsible in better positions than those who are suited for the fast-food window. Jobs that require a moderate maturity level would include a social marketing consultant, freelance writer or selling items online. Running a garage sale also takes some communication skills and a level head. Another option would be to sign up to fill out online surveys and selling plasma is another way to make money on a steady basis. If you are a teen who is a good writer, can type quickly and has an opinion you want to offer, you can get paid to write product reviews.

Craigslist is where teens can find odd jobs such as landscaping, physical work hauling items or helping someone move. Although it could be part time or work for just a few days, it can be a perfect way for a teen to make some summer time money. If photography is your passion, you can sell digital photos to the many online sites who purchase them. The better your photos are the more money you can make so this is a job that you can advance in and become well known. Anyone, not just teens, can also make money with a website. There are step by step instructions that can walk you through building a website and then you can learn how get traffic to your site, add links and ads and keywords that will target the audience you need. There are videos to watch on this topic and people who will answer your questions online that pertain to website building and generating an income.

For the teens who are uniquely mature, the job of blogging can the perfect fit. This type of job won't provide a lot of income fast but if you can stick with it, over time there is money to be made. You can get information about blogging basics and details on SEO tips, tool to success and having a self-hosted blog online. There is also the avenue of a focus group attendee. Not all focus groups will hire a teen but there are some so just keep searching. Being a mystery shopper would not be considered a dream job but it pays and the bonus to this job is if you are treated badly in a store, you have a recourse. (Martin)

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