Accelerating the account receivable or A/R is one of two vital ways to improve the cash flow. You can use this strategy if your business sells to other businesses and extends trade credit. Specifically, the speedier collection of A/R will benefit your business through some ways. First of all, it works by reducing the amount of necessary working capital binds to A/R and converting it to cash. Secondly, it will be able to lessen the overall risk of losses to your business as a result of customer bankruptcy. Thirdly, this strategy will show to the creditors and lenders that you apply a ‘business best practice.’ Lastly, it is also ‘training’ your customers to pay on time.

Speaking of A/R collection will lead you to a discussion about the days of A/R turnover. The days of A/R turnover is the average number of days it takes to collect your company’s A/R. An average outstanding number of A/R from invoice date can be recognized through particular accounting software.

However, if this software doesn’t give you the expected number, there is another helpful way to calculate your outstanding A/R turnover by using the certain formula:

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Money becomes one of best parts in everyone's life. People start to worry or anxious when their money turn into a great amount of wealth. Some people decide to save it in one bank account and others open several accounts, also, investments are alternative others might choose.

Saving in different bank accounts may reduce the financial risk when one bank goes to bankruptcy or other possibilities. Or else, adequate information about insurance stock or relocate your loan to more profitable investments should help you out. Thus, the most suggested way to locate your money safely is by making a good financial plan for your future.

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