Time to InvestThe term of investment is so familiar nowadays. Moreover, it is often suggested by financial planners as a way to add more the number of wealthy. Nevertheless, there are some primary things you should have before you start to invest your money. Those three things are knowledge, time and money.   


Knowledge is one of the most important things you should have before investing your money. In fact, it is to be the most important thing over the money itself. It means that you have to know how it works, the mechanism, the return and the risk of the investment itself. On the other word, before investing your money, you should invest your brain first. It is because abundance of investors are failed or even cheated because they are lack of investment instrument knowledge as well as the risks.  

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What if you face such a problem, suddenly your roof gets fallen because of rain fall whereas you have any budget to fix it. It is impossible if you ignore it. But, where can you get any money to accomplish this problem since you have no any budget for that? 

Such question must often cross on your mind when you are facing such an emergency situation. Then, you need to think about it at this time before it really happens to you. You need to have a real way to get fund when you get emergency circumstance.  There are some emergency fund sources you might count on.

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Get out of debt sounds so amazing regarding the messy economic condition nowadays. So, no wonder that it is so hard to meet people who get out of any debt in their life. However, nothing is impossible. Even little, there are still present people who are free from any debt. These are ten typical characteristics of such people.

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They always pay attention closely to their financial condition, started from the income up to the outcome, what they spend the money for. Having debts mean you put your future in soak. A debt is such an instant pleasure in recent time that will sacrifice the future earnings.

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For years you have been working so hard, take pains for accumulating wealth but the value of your wealth decreasing every year, instead of increasing. The worse is that you do not realise it until you reach the worst point.

There are some matters that really erode your wealth by decreasing the value that makes your wealth lessened either the number or the value. The cause could be several things you realise but you do nothing for that. You might realise them but you do not realise the impact is grinding.

That is why most financial planners ask you to routinely check up your finance, for the sake to detect any thing eroding your wealth. So, what makes your wealth decreased unconsciously ?

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