Seriously, the right bakery equipments may influence the smell of baked bread or fried doughnuts you make. Therefore, it is an unavoidable fact that you must comprehend that in doing four - step process of making food products – which are proper mixing, scaling, proofing and baking - will depend on particular procedures including the quality equipments you use.

As you step the first process, which is mixing and kneading, there are some important major points you should know. Mixer is vital equipment in mixing and kneading the dough. Commonly, mixers range in size from 10 quarts up to 400 pounds of dough. It is why you should learn that the desired production levels may determine appropriate size.

In scaling stage, bench or baker’s table is needed to cut and scales the food products. Benches can be made of stainless steel or wood and when you do the scaling process, you may need a number of small wares like spoons, bowl scrapers, and ice cream scoops. There is also a special designed dough cutters that are able to slice the dough without damaging the baker’s table.

The further step after scaling process is the proofing. Usually, the baker will place the dough in a humidified food cabinet called a proofer. This proofer is important to help baker controlling the temperature, humidity as well as the exact time needed for the dough to proof or rise. Additionally, there is a heating element located below a small water reservoir at the bottom of a proofer that produces steam for proofing.

Next, after the previous processes are carried out, it is time for you to step the baking process. According to the experience of many bakers, they usually use a wood, electric or gas-fired oven to bake the dough. In details, stationary gas-fired ovens are the largest of the 3 and basically use wheeled baking sheet racks. Today, you can figure out that most commercial electric convection ovens are designed for easy mobilization. It is also important information to learn that you can determine that exact size for an oven by thinking about the baking-sheet capacity of the oven and both bakery’s layout and size.

More importantly, other points you should comprehend about bakery equipments are operational safety that include the location of kill switches, safety bars, and locks. Truly, the equipments that have longer durability are those that are easily to break down. This way you can clean the equipment easily so your equipments will meet the health department standards.