Small business owners face many challenges in the modern, cut-throat economy. It seems big business has all the resources, and gets everything so much cheaper and more efficiently. How can small-time entrepreneurs hope to compete with the big dogs? Well, for starters, they can make smart investments to get ahead of the curve. If you want your business to climb the ladder, consider these tech investments.

1. Go Mobile

Use smartphones to optimize your business efficiency and make your services more accessible. Investing in mobile technologies helps you make sure that you''ll be at the head of the curve. Mobile interfaces come much more simplified than the average computer, avoiding an information overload feel that often comes in the workplace.

Mobile apps in general are scaled-down versions of computer programs, which in many cases, is really all you need. Utilizing smartphones also guarantees a far more inter-connected workplace. And best of all, that connectedness comes secure. Unlike a computer network, mobile software can''t (usually) access your entire file system.

2. Create an App

Creating an application for your business will greatly increase customer interest. With an app, you can give customers easy access to information, products, and services without them feeling like they did any work. Some companies, specialize in developing mobile apps and tablet applications for businesses, whether big or small. Make sure you go for a user-friendly and well-functioning application.

3. Tablet Computers

Speaking of tablets, a small business owner should definitely consider buying tablets for anybody involved in business innovation. Built around innovation, tablets can provide ways of thinking that open completely new worlds to those who need fresh ideas. Small businesses often sit at the forefront of innovation, and tablets/smartphones have played a huge part in it. Even the ability to Skype to create instant meetings and work with people outside of where you live can give you a huge advantage.

4. Web Optimization

Make sure your website has great content, just like your app. Give as many reasons as you can for people to be on your site. These days, you''ll have a tough time trying to make it with your small business when you dont have a strong presence on the internet. Luckily, you can use sites like Google Analytics to figure out how your business appears online. A web analysis site can help you check web traffic and patterns to create a better understanding of your online status.

If you find yourself lacking in online presence — don''t worry, you can always invest in online marketing. Many companies can carry out different strategies to optimize your web status.

5. Track Your Data

Beyond the internet, its important to keep track of all your company's data. Use tools, programs or professionals to help manage all information that you can monitor. Tools such as Basecamp can help you track your time and company costs, which helps you determine the realism of your plans.

Monitor your sales and leads with cloud-based monitoring systems like Salesforce, rather than spreadsheets so you can find out how and where your customers spend, educating you and your business team better on how the business is really doing.

Now you have a few ideas on some essential places to invest in technology, regardless of what business you're in. By doing so, you could increase your visibility and scale up your company's productivity. What other tech investments do you think are important for a small business to make?

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