Starting a small business is one thing, but effectively promoting it is something else. Which is why important that you manage your marketing effectively or else you won’t have many people buying your product or service. 

One way to achieve your marketing goals is to run promotional campaigns that get your business more exposure. In the following article we look into a few promotional ideas for your small business...

#1: Contests

Holding contests on a regular basis is a proven way to get the attention of your target audience. It’s an effective method for promoting your small business by getting others involved. People love contests and they like spreading the word about them.

For example, a restaurant can hold a cooking contest where the owner sends out a press release announcing the contest and also mails his/her customers asking them to join in. He can get professional chefs and food editors to come judge the competition. The possibilities are endless - you just need to be creative about it.

#2: Promotional Products

There’s not one, but many reasons as to why distributing promotional products make for such an effective marketing strategy for a small business. People love getting free stuff - they feel on top of the world.

Your clients and customers who receive free promotion gifts from you notice your brand name and let their friends and family know about it. But brand awareness isn’t the only thing you get out of this marketing strategy. They also form excellent sales incentives, are inexpensive and have a longer life when compared to magazine/radio advertisements.

#3: Demonstrations

One way to attract your target audience to your place of business is to use ‘demonstrations’, where you show them how your product works and the benefits it offers, which in turn helps you boost your credibility.

For example, a store selling home appliances can hold demonstration two or three times a week, each time featuring a different product. This helps it attract substantial crowds, and bring in more customers. This can work for an array of small business as long as they are creative in their approach.

#4: Samples

Regardless of the type of business you run and what you do to promote it, giving away free samples to potential customers is a great way to grab attention and create a positive impression about your product.

There are times when it makes more sense to spend your marketing/advertising money on giving away products or offering free service, instead of putting it into buying advertising. The idea here is to give away samples that your target audience wants. For instance, if your audience is health-oriented then giving away nutritious snacks makes more sense.


Successfully promoting a small business requires you to weigh in your options and try out different strategies to get better long term results. The ideas that we discussed in the above article are not only effective, but also don’t require a huge investment to begin with.

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