Several people think that we could do anything in particular for building certain business when we don’t have any much money for the capital. Actually, it is absolutely wrong. You could establish certain business with minimum business if you are able to manage and plan it a well.

One thing firstly you have to do is make sure that your personal financial condition is under good healthy. It is necessary to be concerned due to it could affect the business itself. Then, you have to make a business plan around totally cost, expected profit, weakness of the business, opportunity existed on market and so forth. In that way, you will be able to predict and prepare what will you do when face bad matters later.

For business capital, if you take a loan for it, you have to make limitation for the amount of loan and also the repayment monthly. This matter must not bother your business cash flow or even your personal financial.

To decide what type of business will be run by you, you need to put together all information about business opportunity existed on market, which one has the best opportunity and interest from consumers and which one has the heaviest weakness. Then decide where the best location for the business.

If you have association with your friend or partner, you have to make all of matters obvious and legal. The agreement between you and your partners must be legalized by legal party so that a bad matter could be avoided later. Therefore nobody will be cheated or injured even though you both are closest friend.

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