Are you really sure that you want to leave your current promising job? Can’t you let all convenience go without regret? The prestige job, comfortable office, efficient secretary, and mouthwatering monthly salary are everything you have to let go if you decide to start your own business. Of course, beginning your personal business demands you more sacrifices, so you should ask yourself whether or not you ready for this.

Actually, starting new business is not the only obstacle you have to face, when you are about to leave your current job, you will have to provide good reason you must say to your boss or you must explain as you write it down in your official resignation letter. However, if your mind is already set, then you should know what you have to do as an entrepreneur.

The primary thing you should keep in mind is related to the entrepreneur itself. Seeking the gap in the market and take something which is less in there is the first thing you should accomplish. To fill the gap is your target it means that you are starting business which is different from others. Surely, you have to learn more by making research of why people in market nearby are success.

The main principles in running business include the success of the business, work with strong principle, find the gap, and fill the gap. You learn that to find distinguished product or service and bring it to the mainstream market can be very profitable. So, to make everything clearer, there are some important points you must be aware of. First, you can develop something you have already known, like building up your skills you get from previous job.

Secondly, try to dig something from something you like, such as your hobby because it may be another part in your life where you can have natural sense over it. The third one, try to take a stroll around your neighborhood and see carefully the kind of business that can be very potential by seeking what is already there and what is less in there.

After you have positive plan to build particular business, you should remember some vital things such as hard work, focus, and manage the time thoughtfully.

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