A bunch of start-ups are about to turn over the business intelligence market by making effort to provide more accessible and user-friendly formats. The new start-ups meant here include Indicee, GoodData, Predixion Software, and Sisense, and they are planning to unearth the weakness exist among the strong companies that hold the crown in the current market.

The sale of venture-backed company Teranetics to PLX Technology is an obvious proof that there is slower movement on the transition to faster Ethernet speeds, it is something that out of what many venture capitalists had predicted. Teranetics is a maker of chips used for servers and networking equipment with the ability to provide 10GB Ethernet standard over copper wire. In details, the deal is valued $53.8 million and it is surely lower than the $75 million cash had been injected into Teranetics by some other venture firms. The price already includes a micture of stock, cash, notes, and assumed debt.

United Arab Emirates plans to realize a city free from carbon, thus a mile-square gated community being built up out of Abu Dhabi area and this oil-rich nation expects the city to become the world’s first zero-carbon city. Quoted from New York Time story, the area, Masdar will be completed with clean technologies such as photovoltaic panels, wind cones, and sunshades. Meanwhile, the plan of transportation strategies will include a light rail, and an underground system of automated electric vehicles. If the plan works as what has been expected, Masdar can attract major clean-technology companies.

Sad news reported that the new owner of Segway company was discovered dead in the River Wharfe in northern England. The 62-year-old British businessperson was reported ran off a cliff with a two-wheeled transporter. Previously, James Heselden’s company took over the acquisition of Segway in December from venture capital firms like Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers.

Furthermore, Waldorf Astoria is about to morph into the power center of venture capital and private equity. It seems like to take place on 17th annual Dow Jones private Equity Analyst Conference. During the conference, there would be a handful of panels focused on venture capital.

In addition, the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards had gone to Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute for the success in developing high-quality displays which is constructed from materials that is able to be bent and folded.  There are 49 winners selected from 597 applications of companies, organizations and individuals in 30 countries. It is claimed that the awards will be handed at FASTech venture conference in November and the conference will be hosted by Dow Jones VentureWire.

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