Making a business plan seems to be the primary requirement for new businessmen who want to be successful. Sadly, so many business plans are failed or even not done at all by the businessmen. It is reported that a businessman who has been helping more than 70 thousands other businessmen from 145 countries, Michael Gerber, said that traditional business plan is often not working to run. It is because the businessmen wrongly make the plan with these two reasons.

The first reason is that the new businessmen make the business plan because that is what most successful businessmen did. The other reason, those businessmen think that making their business plan is only for getting loan from a bank. 

Gerber said that a business plan which is made based on those two reasons will not work. In fact, the business plan tends to look so analytic, imaginative and full. 

The plan is often started from business idea which is accompanied with thought along with logical reasons. Sadly, Gerber thinks that traditional business plan mostly does not have specific goals and the most wanted purposes of the businessmen.

Mostly, a business plan is also started from an assumption and alleged which is not necessarily right whereas, the condition of the business circumstance and investment condition tend to be fluctuating and could be changed anytime.

Meanwhile, such a business plan that is always successful is the plan which comes from our own self. It is started with using your own feeling to find what the real thing that you want to reach through the business you will build.

The most important thing when making a business plan is getting your own feeling involved into it. So, it is not only centering to your own logic.   

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