Being an employee seems not enough to bring you being a rich man. Stopping being an employee and build your own business is called as the way to reach a dream, to be a major employer.

Being brave to take a risk is one of the keys to succeed in trying available business challenge. However, being brave means that you are also ready to lose your career you have along this time.

So, before leaving your recent work, make sure that you have been ready for all things needed to be a successful businessmen or employer. To find out whether you are ready to be a major employer, make sure you have some of the signs below:

1. Have Enough Money

Money is as blood for your business. It is important to keep your business stay live and run properly. Money as the capital to build a business could be from your private saving, friend or family.

Sometimes getting loan from bank or capital from investors can be your option when needed. When you have enough fund, it means that you are ready to build your business and become a rich employer.

2. Have Enough Knowledge

Everyone can be a major employer no matter where he or she come from or how poor their family. But not all people have businessmen soul that drag them to arm themselves enough knowledge about this. You can get the knowledge from anywhere possible including the former of the business you interest.

3. Have the Product

In any business, having product is one of the keys deciding your success. There are many employers who have unwanted products. You must not want to spend your time and money to build such a thing, mustn’t you? so, just think deeply about the prospect of your product.

4. Have Much Time

Just consider whether you need to resign from your recent job to start your business or you can do both at the same time optimum. If you build online business, you might able to keep your recent work, but if the business is not online, you should resign for sure. Once you have time, it is the time to start your business.