Building a brand is not enough only using advertisement and promotion. Even, building a brand by advertisement is considered as an old-fashioned, boring and not cool way to get image. The sophisticated one you can consider to build your brand now is movement. Movement could be a cool factor or a certain brand. Movement could be differentiating factor for a brand to other competitors.

Actually, what is brand as a movement? Before discussing it, it is better to know first any challenges in business related to society and the problems. Problems related society is getting worse lately. There is poorness, healthy problems, infrastructure, congestion, corruption even environment degradation.

The worst is that the trouble maker of those all problems is actually the business society itself. A business is considered as the cause of the poorness of the earth and the descent of the environment quality. A business also has a big role in problems related to health, education, economical matter and even corruption.

Based on the background, the world of business cannot go away without taking any responsibility. Businessmen need to care and even land a hand to solve those society problems. The effort to build the brand could bring this. You as a businessman could help to solve the problems in your society to build your brand. Then, it is called branding as a movement.

On the other words it can be said that contributing to society is actually building a brand. A brand building is not about imagery, apparent and selfish but it is about solution-offering brand building.

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