For you who intend to build a business, it turns out that it is not only capital and strategy you need and think about but also your age is one important factor need to consider. The fast is that a half businessmen said 25 years old is not the right age to start a business.

In a book titled `Breakthrough Entrepreneurship: The Proven Framework for Building Brilliant New Ventures` created by a great businessman named Jon Burgstone and Bill Murphy, it is said that30 years old and above have more experience and mature for running a business.

There are successful businessmen that start their business at least 25 years old. Then, it is proven that successful businessmen related to technology are about 35-39 years old. The number of the age is a half smaller than 50 years old people and above and also older than 25 years old.

That means that 24-35 years old businessmen are considered more risky to start any business. based on American Express survey, there are 16 % people starting their business after graduate (about 24 years old), and only 4% succeed.

Meanwhile, some businessmen succeed building their business are such as Jimmy Wales the founder of Wikipedia, Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch and also Reed Hastings, the founder of NetFlix. Those successful businessmen are 35-42 years old.

Wales said that young men do not have to be afraid to start being success in young age. He said that age is only about number without any meaning behind. Also, it doesn’t decide anything related to your business.

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