Pretty much every state has a Department of Human Services. As part of this department the Division of Child Support Services helps children by taking part in enforcement of the parents responsibility to pay financial support. This division of the Department of Human Services is available to all families in every state. The services provided are assistance with locating non-custodial parents, confirming paternity and establishing child support. The enforcement of medical and child support orders as well as collecting and distributing payments are key rolls of Child Support Services.

Child Support Enforcement Agencies are able to go from state to state in a manner that the typical person could not accomplish. Finding parents that have moved far away is through a means that is legally allowed and insures that the funds needed for a child''s well being are being delivered. Each state has an agency that is part of the social services and they work together to ensure that parents do their part financially in taking care of their children. This social services network makes it possible for parents to be held responsible in a financial way. Some networks include an access and visitation program which is devoted to helping non-custodial parents become more involved in their children's lives physically.

 From state to state keeping up with where people have relocated can be expensive and time consuming. This agency is able to use modern means of tracking parents and helping in each case keep the finances being delivered in a timely manner. When payments are behind they can take the stress of getting legal assistance, that can be costly, and pressing legal actions until payments are made more effectively. They also make payment methods easy and reasonable. Many departments have online services. Going online to make payments and direct deposit keeps everything legal and documented. These agencies are very helpful in keeping parents financial responsibilities up to par. Knowing that if one gets behind on payments there can be legal repercussions gives one an incentive to stay current on child support payments. Children deserve a quality life and these departments ensure that the financial responsibilities are kept by non-custodial parents.

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