Starting to run own business requires right strategy in order to reach success and enhance the business to be bigger company. There are several matters which have to be paid attention to reach your business works properly that are consumers, cash flow, loan, credibility and capital.

Those five matters are the main factors deciding whether your business will succeed or fail over time. Before you start your business, let’s check these out one by one and learn carefully:


Consumers are the lifeblood of business. They are the main factor whether your business works or not. There are a number of ways to get a huge number of consumers and also keep them to be your consumers always.

Those ways are by making advertisement with various ways according to your business target, doing promotion like creating discount coupon and gift in which there is requirements must be fulfilled by consumers who want to get those.

Other ways, you are able to spread your brochures to the target of consumers, and also offer a certain discount with several requirements following. In addition, you may consider patenting your own brand to increase your reputation.

Besides, you are also able to add costumer service to make your consumers feel more satisfied and you will know what they feel about your service. In that way, you can improve the business as the consumers need over and over.

Don’t forget to build your networking because from this you will get a new idea to improve your business, expand your partner and so forth.

Cash Flow

Keeping your cash flow to be always fluent is actually more important rather than getting the bigger turnover. You have to keep in mind that the balance between income and expenditure is a must. To keep your cash flow in a good condition, you are able to get a loan rather than spending your own money. Thereby, your own money could be replaced for other important things when needed.


By taking credit from financial institution, besides for keeping your cash flow always positive, it also gives you additional benefits such as getting discount offered by particular vendors.


Credibility has a main role to reach a larger enhancement. You will be loss by the bigger competitor when you play in a bigger field. Therefore, it is important to build the credibility such as making professional presentation, testimonials from consumers, government certification as well as reference from mouth to mouth from your consumers.


It is better if your business has higher capital to make you easy to purchase the peripherals, expand the coverage or even do acquisite the other small business.

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