There are so many things you can learn from Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book entitled Rich Dad Poor Dad. The fundamental idea is regarding the slogan of working is not for making money. It sounds ridiculous at first, but if you think deeper, this slogan is true and this what makes rich people successful.

The book tells how a rich dad teaches his rich son to work for lessons. The author gives further comprehension by creating a game about financial management which suit many employees. For example, a son who is working for money is given by his dad an opportunity to shop all money he receives. As a result, all of the money is perfectly gone and the son keeps living with money crisis in order to fulfill his needs.

Afterward, the strategy of money management is then changed by the rich dad. The method includes the illustration of rich person with correct placement of financial instrument. The basic point is that the principle used by many successful people is by setting the income on passive income. The passive income obtained by rich person is bigger than the continuing income. Rich people work to learn which means to enlarge the network and add up the efficiency value of good or service.

The continuing income is used by rich people to build networks. The established networks will then be grown by people who are already in the networks and creating more and more new networks. From the network establishment, rich people will generate passive income. The successful people’s principle is to build solid networks.

Many freelance who are focusing on selling services can actually do the same method. For example, a field journalist will find it hard to become a rich person if he only counts on the salary he receives from the company he works for. As a journalist, his ability to write a particular topic can be made use to produce a popular book. The royalty from the book he wrote will give him passive income.

Furthermore, many rich people give small pieces of cakes for customers and most customers like smaller piece of cake to get satisfaction and the affordability. The truth is, the accumulation of the price of these small pieces of cake can give you multiple benefits more than the nominal value of the cake itself. This is also the principle used by many rich people.

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