Failure is an important part in starting your own business. Without suffering from failure, you won’t be able to feel how success feels like. From surround you, you can see that many successful people stumbled over and over again during the journey for their success.

From thousands of examples, let’s see into Thomas Alva Edison who invents lamp bulb. After conducting 8.888 experiments and failed, he finally invented the lamp bulb which has been so useful since then. Meanwhile, Colonel Sanders were rejected 1433 times when he submitted his franchise of fried chicken proposals. There are more stories that can inspire you and you can grab valuable lessons from them.

The truth is, facing the failure is a common thing for anyone who starts business. The factor of this fruitlessness is basically caused by the fact that businessman has not comprehended deeply about the business he’s on. Usually, many people who own business wish to get benefits as soon as possible and as much as possible. This emotional expectation makes them forget of what actually they should do based on the reality surrounds them.

That would be the first failure. Since the businessman has an unbearable curiosity, he will keep trying and trying over and over again. It is understandable that someone who fails many times will gradually lose his faith on the success if his business and he may decide to stop the business. He may be afraid of starting the bigger business since he has lost his spirit to move on. That’s why you must be able to escape from this traumatic fear.

You have to remember that successful businessmen leave their trauma of failure far behind. So, successful businessmen will not blame on the situation and condition or anyone they think involved. The smart successful businessmen will look for the causes of the failures and apply different methods in order to reach the success.

By applying the new method into their business, the earlier mindset about getting failure will be fixed and this may lead to a new idea of success. Many repairs over the damages made or failures will slowly, but surely, bring them to the success. With string faith, success can be reached effortlessly.

Many businessmen have been stuck in a bad situation, but they stand up again and again. Getting failed many times is the small fluctuation of big scenario the businessmen will achieve eventually.