Trust Yourself And Decide Your Own Business MattersTo live means to make choices from the simplest to the complicated ones. We choose what clothes to wear today, what subject we're going to learn seriously, what business we're going to develop, what kind of relationship we're going to have with someone we meet. In the long run, this means we shape ourselves and what kind of life we have as well. The process to choose will never end as long as we live, and the choices we make are, of course, our own responsibility.

Now, what if we were a rookie in a new market field although experienced enough in our expertise and we're sort of looking for the market to sell that expertise. What will we do then? The first thing usually is finding out the prices for such services.

To have some business advice on how to charge the services is probably the topmost on the list. If you have had the experience for, let's say, twenty years to sell in a consulting business acknowledging the price is very important. One or more established business professionals might advise you to begin by starting with low price, and after you run the business for some times you may increase your rates. Another professional tells you to charge what you're worth what you sell and give to your customers; inexperience consulting or the years of experience.

Recently a consultant and I had the discussion on this pricing services, and I happened to be that another professional giving advice. The sad thing I found out during the talk was that this consultant had decided to charge her service in accordance with the first advice. Due to this decision, she was forced to have her work suffer and to be unhappy with her own choice.

In business, there are so many choices to be made. One of the most important ones is the choice whether to take or not to take the advice given to you by the more experienced professionals. In my opinion it would be a great idea to seek the advice of others. Trusting your own gut and putting that into account when you make your final decision. In the case of the consultant I had the discussion with, she felt hesitate to follow the pricing advice, yet she kept on going trusting the experts, and not following her own judgment. Don't get trap in the similar circumstance as she did. The choice you make will give shape to your business, and making the best choices for it is your responsibility. Have a good luck in making the right choices for you as well as for your business.

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