For young graduates just finishing their studies, the decision to either continue studying (at the risk of increasing student debt) or to enter the competitive job market can be a difficult one to make. There’s a third option, however, that’s becoming increasingly popular in the UAE: entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is not just an alternative to entering mainstream employment, however. In the UAE, where depleting natural resources has resulted in necessary diversification into industries like construction, metals and mining and hospitality, entrepreneurship is a starting point for continuing national economic diversification.

According to, the UAE job market is set to absorb 405,000 new workers in the coming years, and as a result, the government has launched various initiatives that are aimed at assisting young entrepreneurs. As of 2013, there are 40 entrepreneurial programmes spanning licensing, real estate, funding, consultancy, public policy and business development and research in the UAE. The schemes are designed to help new entrepreneurs with guidance and direction via networks of experts and formalised support.

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As a start up entrepreneur, you know that every penny counts. You know that you need to find ways to scrimp and save up because you aren’t sure where your next dollar is going to come from.

There are lots of ways to do this. You can buy office supplies in bulk from a discount store. You can make sure that your office is as green as possible so that your energy bills are low. You can hire contractors instead of employees to reduce your overhead. You can run your business from a smaller space.

It’s tempting when you’re starting up to splurge on big and expansive offices because you want to look as professional and well off as possible to future clients and buyers. Unfortunately buying a lot of space that you don’t yet need is the same thing as tossing money down the drain -especially if it takes a while for your business to really take off. Thankfully there are ways to use less space and still look uber professional.

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What the result when you choose a business name with generic word? Of course your business is hard to remember. Moreover, your product is only the common thing, no special specification. It could make your business is easy to forget.

So, what the step to create a name of business or brand that is easy to remember and not only just a name? Check these following steps below:

Formulate the concept behind the name

Remember that the name of the business must represent the reason of business appearance. The name could answer important questions, for instance what is the main capability of the business? What value-added that could make your consumer choosing your product rather than others?

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Spending decades as an entrepreneur does not automatically qualify you as mature. True maturity comes through gaining experience and showing certain signs that point to your maturity level in business. You won’t gain these skills overnight, but as you gain experience and hone in these skill, you can become a truly mature entrepreneur.

Sign #1: Always Learning, Never Satisfied
Growing comes by knowledge and knowledge comes through study. As an entrepreneur, you should consistently be learning about your field, whether that’s sofas or Internet Marketing. Staying updated with what’s going on in your industry helps keep you at the top of your game, and shows that you’ve moved past being a novice. Amateurs feels that learning is for the beginning and other things are more important as your progress. However, learning is always important.

Using a vetted resource like Noomii business coaches to guide you is a great way to increase your knowledge of the industry. You can also take business classes at your local college, or invest in courses written by other professionals in your industry. Mature entrepreneurs utilize all the resources they can in order to learn and succeed.

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