Do you struggle with setbacks that tend to derail your business? Are you close to getting your jobs done, but they regularly come up short? Daily and weekly payments fluctuate widely with sales volume and market conditions. That can get you burdened with large payments you cannot handle at all. 

While there are different types of merchant cash advances that enables you to obtain fast access to your working capital, you should also start thinking about new habits in your life.  Not only that they can positively impact your business but also make you a more successful trader. 

Let's see 4 key habits of every successful trader and how to make use of these practices for your business.

1. Writing

Writing is an excellent way to organize your thoughts and ideas. If you don't capture your thoughts, you won't learn from your mistakes. While writing about trading, you can explore different concepts and ideas relevant to your job. Unfortunately, many traders have no time to think about new trading concepts because they're always too busy with their trades.

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Do you fancy yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur? 

Much like Derek Trotter from Only Fools and Horses, you can typically be found flogging your wares from a shabby suitcase while your hapless brother keeps an eye out for the police.  

When you’re not trying to get rid of the old rubbish you’ve found in your garage, you’re down the pub drinking inexplicable cocktails and wowing the locals with your limited French vocabulary. 

Quite simply, you’re a friendly, happy-go-lucky character with a heart of gold and an unashamedly sanguine view of life – but there’s one teensy-weensy problem ... 

... you’re skint. 

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When planning an investment strategy it is important that the strategy matches the needs and aspirations of the investor. A system that is successfully used for one person may not be suitable for another. There are various reasons for this, including ethical considerations and how much risk an investor is willing to take.

Investment should always be a long-term plan; when planning for retirement the most important consideration is to make funds last as long as possible while still providing a steady income.

Since the global economic crisis started in 2008, investment strategies have had to be radically changed. We live in a world where interest rates are at an all-time low and the stock markets are at the most volatile in decades. Gone are the days when it was possible to place a large portion of funds into cash and bonds and still receive a good return. Today, an investment portfolio with a large percentage of the investment in cash and bonds will be at risk from making no gains at all. In fact, too much cash and the investment will lose value over time as inflation outpaces interest rates.

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In the era of imagery nowadays, brand becomes such important asset that amazes customers and determines the success or fail of a company. No wonder then, tough brands become bone of contention among businessmen and even it includes sale and purchase stuff in order to be a shortcut to reach success.

William Shakespeare said what is in a name? A rose is still fragrant whatever its name. But its proverb might not be suitable for this case. Brand is such representation and something associated to a product including the quality, price, value and even prestige. A slice of a name means a lot. Brand is such an allure, a charm and also difference of a product to another. This brand will bond people until they adore, hunt and buy a product. Without a brand embedded strongly to the customers, a product is only a commodity with a low value even though the function is the same. But, thanks to a brand, the same type of product can have very different price. So, now rand becomes the most important asset of a company since it can attract a lot of more profit.

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