When you graduate from high school, the next step in your education and in your life is to try to get into college. There is a long application process that you have to go through; colleges are not like high schools in that they do not take just anyone. You have to apply and get in, whether you want to go to Harvard, UAB, Michigan, or any other college. If you are denied, you cannot sign up for classes or continue your education, so doing everything in your power to make sure that you get in is the best thing that you can do for your future.

The first tip that can help you is that you should never apply to just one college. No matter how good you think the chances are that you will get in, you never know what is going to happen. It is best to apply for about five different schools. Even if the one that you want to go to the most does not take you, a different school might. Try to find schools that all fit your criteria. You will find that, though it may not be your dream school, there are many options out there.

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If you have wanted to return to school for your executive MBA (EMBA) for several years now, there is no reason not to take a closer look at programs and what they can offer you. With the world of online universities growing more all the time, your options for advancing your education and your career are better than ever. Even if you have started a family and have a full-time job in your field, you will find many opportunities to help you grow and become even more invaluable in your field with an EMBA.

Enrich your undergraduate degree, ideally in business or economics, but not limited to those fields at all. Whether you were a business major or a liberal arts major, many factors go into your possible admission into an MBA program so be sure to keep this in mind when doing your MBA program research for schools.

Regardless of your undergraduate degree, at Washington State University, you will work toward an online EMBA to help you develop your skills in innovation and entrepreneurship. Sharpen your business skills and expand your global business perspective in this program.

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When you are considering graduate business programs, chances are you’ve encountered advice urging you to only consider those schools with accredited programs. “Only enroll in an AACSB accredited online MBA program,” you might see in a list of considerations when comparing schools, or perhaps the advice is less specific, such as “look for accreditation.”

However, do you truly understand what that all means? Sure, you know it’s important and a key point to look for, but do you know what you are getting when you enroll in a program that’s accredited by an organization like AACSB?


AACSB stands for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. It’s a nonprofit, membership organization devoted to improving education programs in business and management; its major program is accreditation. The designation is not automatically bestowed upon members; rather, members must apply for accreditation and meet a set of standards and requirements. In fact, only about five percent of all of the business schools in the world are accredited by AACSB.

Organizational accreditation like AACSB is different than standard accreditation. All schools have to be accredited by regional or state accreditation boards. The organizational designation, though, demonstrates that the school has met additional requirements sand met exactly standards for quality.

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