Running serious business may attract huge risk. Superior business like manufacturing vehicles needs much calculation and seriousness during the research before launching the product to the market. This seriousness is important to avoid unwanted risk to happen in future but however it always happens anyway. Today, Toyota is facing obstacles on its business regarding to their latest model vehicle Prius Hybrid since customers complaints in United Stated argued that their vehicles brakes tend to bring difficulty.

Toyota, the third generation of the best-selling vehicles over the globe, recently recalls the latest-model Prius petrol-electric hybrid in US. This decision is made following the continuous complaints over the vehicle especially at its brakes problem. According to the Prius selling history, Toyota has sold about 300.000 vehicles all over the world since the first sale in Japan in May, a really serious business.

In Japan, the authorities have suggested Toyota to start an internal investigation after 77 complaints during 2009 arouse. Significant step to bring the business back to the road. Regarding to the increasing consumers complaints in United States, there are 124 complaints about the car delivered to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The complaints included four relating vehicle crashes. Thus, US safety regulator has conducted the effort to probe the brake problems. Drivers stated that the problems occurred when the ABS is in engaged on bumpy, wet or icy roads and also the faulty accelerators and floor mats.

At the moment, the outcome offered for the brake problems announced by Toyota will be involving software that is enabled to control the car's anti locking breaking system in Prius. This effort will be completed as soon as possible and might be extended to other hybrid models. Knowing that Toyota is a reputable company in this business, consumers are expected to believe the effort Toyota is working on right now. Currently, Toyota engineers reprogrammed the ABS software to fix that problem.

Furthermore, the software to upgrade the vehicles system will be given without any charges to Prius customers whose vehicles suffer these brake problems. But the free charge is only given to the Prius customers who buy the vehicles in certain range of time. In addition, Toyota executives haven't announced how long the formal recall will be extended, besides it might depend on the consumers responds and satisfaction especially after the fixing is being conducted.(fallen)

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