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Phenolic wheels are commonly used when companies need to store heavy items. Made from macerated canvas and phenolic resin, these wheels are made to last through most conditions. They are most useful for holding stationary loads or for transporting items in dry, concrete environments. Depending on the make and size of the wheel, they can even be made with a capacity of up to 8,000 pounds. However, there are many more benefits to phenolic caster wheels. 

Budget Friendly

If you're searching for one of the most inexpensive wheel options out there, a phenolic wheelis the best choice for you, but don't expect them to meet your needs permanently. Although they are one of the cheapest industrial wheels on the market, they are definitely not the most long-lasting. 


Phenolic wheels are able to resist damage in many situations. With a 90 Shore D durometer, the caster used to make these wheels is one of the hardest out there and is comparable to a golf ball or bowling ball. It is very important to keep these wheels away from water and many other types of liquids. However, they are very resistant to both oil and grease. Additionally, these wheels are able to withstand temperatures from as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 250 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Many companies offer a wide variety of options for customizing your phenolic caster wheels. You can choose between different diameter widths, tread widths, and bearing sizes. These specifications will directly impact the weight capacity of the wheels you choose.


Although built up debris on phenolic wheels can cause them to make much more noise than they normally would, these wheels are quieter than steel or aluminum wheel options. 

Ideal for Industrial Environments 

While many modern phenolic wheels may claim to be non-marking, it is best to use these wheels in industrial environments where you are not concerned about the protection and appearance of your floors. For example, they are a good fit for smooth concrete flooring. When used on dirty or rough flooring, these wheels can pick up a great deal of debris and even dent floors. The wheel itself will likely become scratched or dented as well. 

When used in the right environment, phenolic wheels are a great, inexpensive choice for your industrial needs. Although ideally used for heavy, standing loads due to the fact they can mark floors, you can still use them for mobile loads if you have clean and smooth concrete flooring that is free of water and other harmful liquids.