Using the old traditional cash register, POS systems or those which are Windows based on a PC are becoming antiquated. The new trend with retail business owners is making the move to a tablet based POS system. They are doing this not because it is fashionable, but because it is a matter of necessity in today’s technology driven business world, according to The U.S. Small Business Administration.

A tablet POS system is a more economical cash register choice. They are safer to use through the use of cloud storage. They also upgrade the customer shopping experience and they offer retailers additional marketing opportunities as noted in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Stress Elimination

When business owners make the move to a POS system, they eliminate several of the stresses generally encountered when running a business. The merchant's current registers can be easily done away with. At any time of day or night they can quickly access a dashboard which allows them to easily see information which can help them prepare for the next day, week or month. They can know within seconds the amount of inventory they have on hand and if anything needs to be immediately replenished to keep operations running smoothly. This valuable tool can also be used to make a wide variety of other decisions to help expand a business.

Tablet POS systems offer retailers much more control over their business through real times sales reporting. These reports are far more advanced than those offered from traditional POS systems. Tablet POS systems give retailers an effective way to manage inventory and the individual customer information they have gathered to use for marketing purposes. All of this information is provided in a central location. This location is an easy to use dashboard which can be accessed from any mobile device, from any location. This is important to small business owners because this helps them to cut the amount of time they spent performing these tasks. They can make business decisions faster with this easy-to-access information and they have more time to do the other tasks needed to grow their business. Here is a more in depth look into the reasons why small business owners need to make the transition to these systems.

The Ease of Doing Business

Training employees to use traditional POS systems is a tumultuous and time consuming process as mentioned in Venture Beat. There are several individual buttons which must be used for specific situations encountered in the checkout process. There are also several, often complicated sequences which must be memorized by the user to carry out other check out transactions. Teaching these systems not only is time consuming during the initial training process, it leads to time wasted due to the several errors which can be made after training. Employees generally make several mistakes after training which need to be attended to by owners or managers and tend to occur until they are completely acclimated to using these systems in real life transactions.

A tablet POS system is easy to use. Training for these systems can be done within minutes. The processes which must be performed in the checkout process take only seconds to perform. A tablet POS system can be customized to each individual business so the checkout process is streamlined and can be carried out with ease.

Customized Advertising

A tablet POS system such as offering by Shopify can be used to capture customer information when customer shopping rewards programs are offered at the time of check out. This information can be used in a plethora of marketing campaigns to bring customers back into stores at a later date. This is an inexpensive and easy tactic which can be used to increase sales revenue.

Safe and Secure

Small business owner are constantly dealing with putting out fires from unforeseen issues. Spending time dealing with these issues is the norm rather than the exception of these business owners. It is not possible to be able to predict what these issues will be or when they will happen. Tablet PO systems store all of the necessary and vital information for a business on a cloud based system. This mean the information is secure from being compromised should a POS system be damaged in any manner or if it were to be stolen. There is also no need to upgrade to more secure software when a business owner makes the decision to store additional sensitive customer information and business data in a cloud based system. All of the data stored in these systems is encrypted and secure.

It is easy to understand why so many business owners are making the switch to a tablet POS system. From the ease of use to the ability to access real time, data –at any place and at any time during their convenience cannot be beat. These POS systems are truly part of how business is conducted now and in and the future for retail operations.